Consultancy Service

UPM's expertise is in the field of precision machinery where it has the experience to take on the design and construction of complete machines or simply to provide specialist design and analysis support to companies developing their own products.



Bearing Technology

UPM's staff have more than 35 years practical experience in the design and development of bearings for high precision machinery. This embraces rolling element, aerostatic, hydrostatic, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic bearing types in applications as diverse as hard disc drives, ultraprecision machining spindles, aircraft jet engines, turbochargers and nuclear submarine life support systems. UPM's practical experience is backed by a comprehensive suite of computer models for optimising the design of precision fluid film bearings or in the case of rolling element bearings, optimising selection, arrangement and set up.

Novel Hydrostatic Thrust and Hydrodynamic Herringbone Grooved Bearings




Precision Machine Technology

UPM's experience is mostly in the development of machine tools requiring the extreme precision motion necessary to achieve optical or near optical surface quality. In addition to the 5 axis micro milling machine UPM staff have built 3 axis machines for diamond turning soft substrates and for grinding brittle materials in the form of wafers. UPM's practical experience is again backed by analytical models for evaluating the dynamic behaviour of machines prior to detailed design and manufacture.


Dynamic Response of Machine Structure Using FEA