Subcontract Micro Manufacture

UPM operates a service for the manufacture of miniature components or components with micro sized surface features. The service is ideally suited to the production of small batches or one off components required for new product test and development work.


Micro Machined Components

Ultramill, a 5 axis micro milling machine is available for performing milling, drilling and micro grinding operations on components of up to 150 x 150 x 80 mm in size. The exceptional accuracy and finishing capability of Ultramill can enable new advances in product design and new manufacturing techniques to be evaluated.





Micro Sheet Metal Pressed Components

A micro sheet metal press is available and is backed up by a tooling design and manufacturing capability. The press can handle components of sizes between 1 and 50 mm made from sheet metal thicknesses between 20 and 100 um. As well as being able to stamp flat metal components the press can also form three dimensional shapes. The service offers companies developing new, mass produced products the opportunity to obtain real pressed components in small quantities at low cost. It is ideally suited to miniature components of advanced design where there is also a need to develop an optimal maufacturing process.








Electrochemically Micro Machined Components

Electrochemical micromachining facilities are available for producing shallow features in the surfaces of metal components. Advantages over conventional micromachining are that electrochemical micromachining can be applied as a final process to an otherwise finished component; there are no burrs and groove edges are radiused, hardened components are machined as easily as soft components; with no tool wear and machining times of just a few seconds the process is suitable for producing large batches of components.